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You're not alone:

  • 63% of students struggle with time management
  • 20% of students are too stressed to study
  • 77% of students are stressed over academic concerns


Jamie Wood Helps Students

  • Work Smarter
  • Get Focused
  • Achieve Optimal Function

Develop habits to positively impact your success

This course will:

  • Optimize your study habits for success

  • Provide you with confidence and stability in a demanding environment

  • Streamline your study process so you have more balance in life

  • Support your Nervous System to lower stress hormones

  • Optimize brain function under pressure

  • Schedule more effectively and expedite your study time

  • Develop the exact habits needed to increase focus

  • Understand what nutrients your brain needs to perform under stress

  • Reduce your anxiety and provide control over emotions

  • Teach breathing techniques to lower stress and optimize system function

Jamie’s approach ensures students achieve peak performance under stressful conditions.

Stress Management Consultant and CEO, Jamie Wood has created a course that specifically helps students lower stress and increase productivity during intense periods with high demands. 

After suffering a major burnout at 26 in a budding corporate career in Costa Rica, she has dedicated the last 10 years diving deep into discovering how humans can effectively manage stress and excel in high performance / high stress environments.  She has consulted some of North America’s leading industry companies and the men and women who run them.  

 Jamie noticed a need for stress management programming that delivered big results in a short amount of time as students prepared for exams.

By tying neuroscience and biology to stress management, time management and awareness management tactics.

Jamie Wood

Program Creator & CEO of Sanga Living

Stress Management consultant and CEO, Jamie Wood specializes in reducing stress for high performance individuals and increases productivity.

Working alongside post-secondary students she delivers results.  Increased focus, lower stress levels, higher productivity, reduced anxiety, sense of control over outcomes, and life balance are what she delivers again and again for students.

Jamie provides students the format, structure, and science to achieve peak performance and excel in ANY high pressure environment in and out of post-secondary.

After suffering a major burnout at 26 in a budding corporate career in Costa Rica, she has dedicated the last 10 years diving deep into discovering how humans can effectively manage stress and excel in high performance corporate environments.  

Her international stress management consulting company works with North and Central America's top industry leading companies, and calls some of North America's most successful professionals her personal clients.


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  • Access to 2 Webinars hosted by Jamie Wood

  • Breath Work Recordings

  • Grocery List for feeding the Brain

  • Time Block Template

  • 10 minute phone call with Jamie

What students are saying about this course

  • Alan Blackwell – President, Management Students Association, UBC

    Biggest thing was the preparation skills I developed. Knowing next week was going to be death, and having the control to make it through made a huge difference. Management doesn’t mean getting rid of, it means understanding and being proactive towards your schedule, what your brain needs, and your goals.

  • Hannah Magus, VP Marketing & Communications, JDC West, UBC

    Doing these things take such little time out of your day and create a huge benefit. I work smarter not harder and go into exams proactively. I am more accountable to myself and my success. I feel more confident, in control of my emotions, and aware of how I am spending my time.

  • Jamie Glutek – Human Resources / Entrepreneurship Student

    In the post-secondary forum, we are all kind of going through the same thing and we are all under stress. One thing I really appreciated was the feasible action steps to impact the outcome I wanted to achieve. I loved the time blocking and learning how managing stress is in my control

  • Brock McKillop, Business Student UBC

    This has really made a difference in my life

  • Leif Undseth – Finance Executive, JDC West – UBC

    I thought I did a lot of things great. You think you can breeze by and what you are doing works, but you can’t see the things you need to optimize and improve on until you actually try it. The difference is huge. I don’t stress about the little things anymore, and have confidence and stability in how and when to schedule things to hold me accountable to my goals.

Manage Stress & Increase Focus